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Next Meeting: Wednesday 19th May 2021.
This meeting will be via Zoom – to join the meeting, please email ContactUs@KillearnCC.org.uk.

Latest News

  • Stirling Council have announced the final decision on the introduction of 20 mph speed limits for most of Killearn's roads (detailed map available). This is part of the Spaces for People programme. The limits will be in force from 7th May for a trial period of 18 months.

  • Update 102 is available.

  • Stirling Council's latest Community Response bulletin (No. 32) is available from their Community Response page. This issue includes:

    • Easing of Restrictions
    • Signals to End Violence
    • Covid Recovery Funding
    • Fuel Poverty Support
    • Support to Vulnerable Families
    • Staying Safe online
  • The Police report for April is available.

  • The Planning schedule for March-April is available.

  • Review of Proposed Path between Former Hospital Site and Killearn

    The proposal for the path connecting the development at the former hospital site and Killearn is part of application 20/00098/FUL (viewable at Stirling Council's planning portal). KCC considers that there are problems with the proposed route and is looking into an alternative.


  • Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd. are starting their Winter Warmth Campaign 2020 in the aim of helping as many members of the community as possible. A Press Release and the first Winter Warmth Campaign Newsletter are available. Cold homes and spiralling fuel bills are a contributing factor that leads to ongoing and cumulating problems to the health and well-being of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Older people, young children, those relying on electric or solid fuel heating, and those with an existing health condition are often the most at risk. If you, or someone you may know, are facing any type of new or ongoing difficulty or hardship, brought on by, or worsened by the onset of winter, to contact the team to seek advice and assistance. Support can be obtained through telephone, email, or face to face appointments at our offices or in your home once safe to do so.

  • Help spread some happiness

    As autumn settles upon us along with further lockdown restrictions, the risk of isolation deepens for vulnerable residents and households. And in these strange Covid times, the traditional definition of “vulnerable” is being shifted.

    To help tackle the issue locally, Killearn Community Council (KCC) are going to work with nursery schools in the village to find ways of engaging with our more isolated or vulnerable residents.

    Using funds awarded by Stirling Council, KCC is to contribute to local nursery school activities that can bring “snippets of happiness” to people's doorsteps during the coming months. Initially, funds will provide materials for the nursery groups to support themed activities, such as planting spring bulbs in pots for distribution to identified households and making Christmas cards for nominated residents.

    The aim is to help people feel less lonely or isolated and also provide up-to-date information on initiatives in our local area that can assist in these Covid times.

    If you know of anyone living in the Killearn area who would particularly benefit from such “snippets of happiness”, or if you are able to help deliver them to the doorstep of people in your neighbourhood, do get in touch (please email us via ContactUs@KillearnCC.org.uk). KCC are particularly looking for help from the Covid street networks that were established last March.

    KCC are also looking to work with local businesses to find ways they can contribute to lessening loneliness and isolation in Killearn. So if you run a local business or have an idea to help achieve this, do get in touch. (please email us via ContactUs@KillearnCC.org.uk).

  • Fire and smoke alarm new legislation: We've had some queries about the changes to the law about fire and smoke alarms following the recent leaflet delivery. The legislation is currently due to come into force in February 2021. However, the Scottish government is going to seek the Scottish Parliament's approval to delay implementation of the new legislation by a year. More details are available from the Scottish Government's website.

    Update: A leaflet from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service giving further information is available.

  • Two contacts from Stirling District Citizen's Advice Bureau:
    • Laura Hutchison (Laura.Hutchison@StirlingCAB.casonline.org.uk, 07498925159) is the Vulnerable Persons Fuel Poverty Outreach worker funded by the Scottish Southern Energy Network. The aim is to support the most vulnerable people in the Stirling area (Postcode areas FK8, FK15, FK16, FK17, FK19, FK20, FK21 and G63) by providing them with specialist advice and information to support their fuel and financial difficulties. If you would like any further information or if you are aware of anyone who may benefit from this support please contact Laura or pass on her details and the client can contact her directly.
    • Kayleigh Sands (Kayleigh.Sands@StirlingCAB.casonline.org.uk, 07498925151) is the Energy Best Deal Advisor. Her role is to look for ways to help save money when it comes to energy bills. COVID19 has inevitably caused an increase in energy consumption with people staying at home a lot more, resulting in an increase in energy bills and it becoming a struggle to pay these. We want to make people aware that there is help available. Additionally, coming into colder months and in a time of uncertainty, if you know of anyone who could benefit from having a discussion around their energy bills and ways to save money then please pass their details onto Keyleigh or ask them to contact her directly. A Press Release with more information is available.
  • A message from Emma Diamond, Welfare Officer with Central Scotland Regional Equality Council:

    I am emailing on behalf of CSREC (Central Scotland Regional Equality Council). We have recently been allocated Scottish government funding to aid ethnic minority families out of the COVID crisis. I'm looking for your help to circulate this offer of support with service users that may need this financial support. I'd ideally have the information straight to social care workers inbox in order for them to be comfortable recommending the fund to service users. The individual does not need to be destitute, only in some way financially effected by Coronavirus.

    Applicants only require a confidential call with myself (07792322046) and provide very basic information in order to receive a one-off support payment. Not only can we provide monetary help we can also provide items from the list below.

    Examples of aid:

    • Food, toiletries, hygiene and cleaning supplies, PPE including face coverings, baby/child goods, money for any household bills
    • Travel assistance/ fuel money
    • IT support, mobile phones and SIMs Cards/ money to top-up phone credit
    • Wellbeing items, reading materials, educational aids, toys, children's treats
    • Spiritual care/support, counselling sessions, and befriending for socially isolated
    • Legal guidance and financial entailment advice.

    This is not an exhaustive list, if there is anything else that people need please contact me and we will do our very best to provide aid in this difficult time.

    Central Scotland Regional Equality Council (CSREC) | Community Education Centre | Park Street | Falkirk | FK1 1RE

    Phone: 07792322046 | web: www.csrec.org.uk | facebook.com/CSREC01 | twitter.com/CSREC01 | skype: admin@csrec.org.uk | Whatsapp: 07792322046

  • COVID-19 Help and Advice. A couple of documents with useful information are available:

  • Fancy a chat? A timely reminder for anyone self isolating at the moment: We can all feel lonely or isolated from time-to-time. If you or someone you know could benefit from some company, advice or support, we have a leaflet from NHS Forth Valley with details of how to get in touch with one of the many organisations who can help.

  • Some information about coronavirus precautions. More information is available from the NHS Inform website.

    Images are links to full-size versions.
  • KCC has compiled a roads and paths audit. This identifies roads, pavements etc. in need of repair and is being passed to Stirling Council.

  • Home Energy Scotland

    Home Energy Scotland – helping families save energy, save money and keep warm and well.Funded by Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust, Home Energy Scotland is the free, impartial energy advice and information service that is an integral part of Scottish Government's approach to tackling fuel poverty in Scotland.

    Our service aims to help householders, irrespective of affluence or tenure, reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer, not least as the link between cold, damp homes and health and wellbeing is well documented.

    Free and impartial – we do not cold call. Whilst the service we provide is in part delivered by telephone, I would like to stress that Home Energy Scotland is not a call centre. Advisors provide free, impartial energy advice designed to help householders make informed decisions. Home Energy Scotland has no connection with any energy supplier, and does not cold call.

    Support we offer includes information about funding and grants available for new boilers, insulation and heating systems to help make homes more efficient. Advisors can see if people are eligible for financial support, benefits and incentives, and advise on shopping around for cheaper energy deals.

    We understand that keeping a home warm can be a struggle for many so we are keen to work with locally trusted parties to help build insight and break down barriers to encourage and enable more people to benefit from our service.

    Advice leaflets:

  • Solicitors for Older People Scotland: It is recognised that older people can have have difficulty visiting offices to access legal services. Solicitors for Older People Scotland can arrange home visits at no extra charge to offer a wide range of legal services. More information is available in a leaflet, by calling Karen on 0800 037 0526 or by visiting their website.