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Next meeting: Wednesday 17th June at 8:00 p.m. (via Zoom – please email us contactus@killearncc.org.uk if you would like to join the meeting – details TBC).

Latest News

  • Update 92 is available. Previously these updates have only been sent out to recipients on our mailing list. However, we have been seeing recently a growing number of emails rejected by email providers, apparently as an anti-junkmail precaution. So from now on they will also be available here on our website.

  • COVID-19 Help and Advice. A couple of documents with useful information are available:

  • Police: The Police Report for May is available.

  • The Planning schedule for April-May is available.

  • COVID-19 Lockdown Consultation The Scottish Goverment has a public consultation on priorities for easing lockdown restrictions. You can make suggestions and rate those of others until 10 p.m. on Monday 11th May 2020.

  • Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust

    We will be working within the Blane valley over the next five months as part of our Endrick Legacy Project. We will be carrying out treatment work on 3 Invasive Non-Native plants namely giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and American Skunk cabbage found in the catchment area. We are treating all three plant species because they outcompete our native plant species, contribute to river bank erosion and damage local habitats. This is a particular concern for native fish species such as Atlantic salmon and lamprey. Giant hogweed is also a hazard to people if they come into contact with the plants sap which can cause skin to severely blister when exposed to UV rays. We recommend that you remain vigilant to this plant in the area, do not approach or treat the plant yourself and contact the Trust by email if you are concerned about its presence. Identification sheets for each plant: American skunk cabbage, Giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed.

    We have consulted with the relevant governing bodies, and adopted protocols to keep our staff, local communities and the NHS safe during the covid-19 pandemic. All staff will travel separately to each site, maintain social distancing and will be wearing compulsory PPE equipment during spraying operations. Staff have also been asked not to use any local facilities.

    Since our work is predominately on private grounds or in isolated areas we don't expect to encounter members of the local community. We do however understand that the Blane valley is popular for exercise purposes, especially along the West Highland Way routes. So please be aware of our work and maintain social distancing with our staff (who will be identifiable by high-vis vests or by white, green or blue chemical suits). Our vehicles will have a leaflet on the window with information on it if you wish to get in touch with us. We also recommend that dog walkers keep dogs on leads if you see us or weed spraying signs.

    If you have any questions relating to the project, or wish to report sightings of these plants within the Endrick Water and Blane Water catchment areas, please contact us via our facebook page or via our email address info@llft.org.uk.

  • Changes to Bin Collections: Stirling Council have announced temporary changes to household waste collection services in response to the developing COVID-19 situation. Until further notice, only one bin will be collected each week.

    • Brown bin Update – Stirling Council will attempt to uplift brown bins on Friday 24th April.
    • Brown bin – last collection will be 29th March, then suspended. Food and garden waste goes in grey bin if necessary.
    • Glass box – suspended with immediate effect. Retain glass at home for future recycling if possible, otherwise put in grey bin.
    • Blue bin – will now be collected every four weeks, next collection on 16th April.
    • Grey bin – collected as normal every two weeks, next on 5th then 19th April.
    • Green bin – collected as normal every four weeks, next on 12th April.

    The same web page also has further related information, including about how suspected/confirmed COVID-19 patients should present waste safely.

  • First Bus have announced amendments to timetables with effect from Monday 23rd March in response to the COVID-19 situation. More details are on their website. The X10/X10A routes through Killearn don't seem to be affected at the moment but connecting routes may be.

  • Fancy a chat? A timely reminder for anyone self isolating at the moment: We can all feel lonely or isolated from time-to-time. If you or someone you know could benefit from some company, advice or support, we have a leaflet from NHS Forth Valley with details of how to get in touch with one of the many organisations who can help.

  • Some information about coronavirus precautions. More information is available from the NHS Inform website.

    Images are links to full-size versions.
  • Sheep Worrying: There seems to have been a case of a sheep being attacked by a dog in the Killearn area. The police have asked us to make their document on sheep worrying available. The document points out that allowing your dog to worry sheep is an offence, explains what the term sheep worrying covers, and highlights guidelines from the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for enjoying the countryside responsibly with your dog.

  • Stirling Council's February Community News Sheet is available.
  • KCC has compiled a roads and paths audit. This identifies roads, pavements etc. in need of repair and is being passed to Stirling Council.

  • Broadband: The January broadband report is available.

  • Proposed development at the former Killearn Hospital site

    A public exhibition took place on Wednesday 21st August. If you missed it, we have a document of the display boards (5.5 MB - very big!) although it should be noted that the site layout and house designs shown are merely indicative at this stage.

  • Health & Social Care Partnership: Drop-in sessions in local villages arranged by the Health & Social Care Partnership begin on Monday 2nd. A leaflet with more details is available.

  • A briefing note about RSHA proposed Lampson Road development is available.This replaces the previous document which featured an incorrect version of the development timeline.
  • We have received a letter from the Scottish Ambulance Service with information about the New Clinical Response Model. This has improved the response to emergency calls and has saved lives with more people in Scotland surviving a cardiac arrest.

  • Home Energy Scotland

    Home Energy Scotland – helping families save energy, save money and keep warm and well.Funded by Scottish Government and managed by Energy Saving Trust, Home Energy Scotland is the free, impartial energy advice and information service that is an integral part of Scottish Government's approach to tackling fuel poverty in Scotland.

    Our service aims to help householders, irrespective of affluence or tenure, reduce their energy bills and make their homes warmer, not least as the link between cold, damp homes and health and wellbeing is well documented.

    Free and impartial – we do not cold call. Whilst the service we provide is in part delivered by telephone, I would like to stress that Home Energy Scotland is not a call centre. Advisors provide free, impartial energy advice designed to help householders make informed decisions. Home Energy Scotland has no connection with any energy supplier, and does not cold call.

    Support we offer includes information about funding and grants available for new boilers, insulation and heating systems to help make homes more efficient. Advisors can see if people are eligible for financial support, benefits and incentives, and advise on shopping around for cheaper energy deals.

    We understand that keeping a home warm can be a struggle for many so we are keen to work with locally trusted parties to help build insight and break down barriers to encourage and enable more people to benefit from our service.

    Advice leaflets:

  • Solicitors for Older People Scotland: It is recognised that older people can have have difficulty visiting offices to access legal services. Solicitors for Older People Scotland can arrange home visits at no extra charge to offer a wide range of legal services. More information is available in a leaflet, by calling Karen on 0800 037 0526 or by visiting their website.

  • Finnich Glen Development Consultation

    A public consultation on proposals to develop Finnich Glen took place in the Village Hall on Friday 28th September. Images of the display boards are below. We hope to have the plans available soon. The proposals were discussed at our meeting on 17th October.

    Images are links to full-size versions.